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About Atrix

Hi there! I'm Atrix, or Atrixfromice as my peeps know me on deviantArt.
I've always loved to make many kinds of art, but nothing fascinated me as much as graphic art. That have always been my greatest passion and my greatest joy!
I've drawn since I can remember, but  I started to take art seriously when I was 7. At that time I realized that my dream was to be an artist!

Not counting with money for art classes, I've learned all I know being a self-taught learner.
In my life I've had lots of obstacles to do the art I love. Not only the reality regarding the money, also people where I live who opine that art is something trivial, ephemeral and useless, who never believed in my ideas and my skills as an artist. Who always said that art was a "kid's hobbie" and "and a waste of time".
A couple of years ago I finally managed to get on college to study Graphic design, to polish my skills. And cos I need the paper that tells people "here, I have knowledge!" in most of places, to get a job.

Now a days, I remember with joy and pride the time I used to spend my afternoons drawing and painting after the school, when I was a kid.  But now I have responsabilities, work, collegue, etc. Yet I struggle to keep making art, just for the fun, for the passion, for the love to art!! For the warm feelings art gives to me and other people's hearts! But is very difficult do to it when you worry about surviving.

The reason why I make art, it's because I love to share my thoughts and emotions with people, to share the perspective I have of myself, life and the world arround me. And also to give people hope and faith through my art, even when it seems there's not!
My dream always have been to be a recognized artist. Not only in the illustration field, but also one day to become a cartoonish to make comics and long-leght animated cartoon series and movies. Why?...To bring to life amazing stories that are fun, cool, full of action, warmth and adventure. Stories that talk about frienship, bravery, compassion, growing throught experience, that can give people positive feelings of hope and faith, and helpful messages and lessons for life! lessons I've learned throught my self-experience in life, and that I would love to share with the world!

I'm here to find a way to use my talent, an opportunnity to show you that I can make original, unique, endearing, inspiring stuff....stuff that you will REALLY LIKE!! Stuff that will make you feel is worth living!
Stories and characters people will love and remember every day of their lifes! That will make you dream and inspire the you to become a bit better person every day!

 If you support me here, I will work less for paying my bills,  and I be able to do more artwork and spread happiness. Currently I'm working on 2 comics probably not much people know: In Tita's mind and a short comic series about my original characters.
With your help I will be able to keep up with those, and, hopefully on a near future I'll be able to release the 3rd one, that will be my first long lenght webcomic.
...And who knows?...maybe one day I'll become the creator of your favorite tv show, or that comic you will have close to your heart, and share later it to your children.
The only thing I know for sure is, that if I get this opportunnity, I will not dissapoint.
I'll keep pouring all my heart, mind, and effort to do this, as I've always done it! l'll give what I have and all what I am! And no one will regret of having helped me!

$0 of $500 per month
If for some reason this miracle happens, with this I would like to save to buy a new computer, because the one I have been working for years, is really slow and almost obsolete. I have to spend a lot of my time waiting for the computer to save my work than working on an art itself.
I would also like to buy a tablet, because with a tablet I can do digital art faster and the result is visually more impressive.
I hope to do at least one of these things this year, they are my priorities right now.

I'm excited and I have plans to make more rewards in the future! But first I need to know if is an affortable for me to dedicate my time this, because my free time is very limited. But if this works, I'll gladly add more rewards for you and dedicate my time to do them, like personalized artwork, tutorials, or videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
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