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About Atronach's Aura


My name is Atronach's Aura, and I'm your local Lo-Fi and ambient musician! If you clicked this, first of all, thank you for showing interest in my craft! I created this to be able to afford to keep making music at the rate I do and even taking a peek is extremely helpful! There are also a few things here available for non-patrons!

What do I get?

Depending on the donation amount, you get a variety of perks including seeing music and album art days sooner than anybody else, album art, commissions, polls, and a bunch of other stuff!

How often do you post?

Within a month, I post every Wednesday and Sunday. It might be just an update post, but I'm going to post those two days a week. I try to keep it pretty regular and spoil my patrons to the best of my ability.

Is this required?

Absolutely not! I will never limit my music production due to patreon. Almost everything that gets posted here early gets posted on youtube for free!

What do you spend the money on?

I spend what I get on samples, vsts, instrument repairs, and other music related ventures! My patreon money is never used on anything that isn't directly related to making you guys content to enjoy.

I hope you guys enjoy the work I put on this platform and I thank every single one of my supporters for being here with me for years and supporting me even when it got rough. You guys are my light. 
$103 of $200 per month
If I reach my goal, I will double my production speed and focus more on making music and assets for you guys to use in things like games, videos, and things like that! I will also post more free music and write more songs!
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