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Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed AND my endless appreciation for joining my team.  also if you ever meet me in person you can request ONE free kiss on the cheek ((you may record or photograph the momentous occasion if you so desire))  (((must provide proof of identity)))
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if you want to join my Discord, you'll get a special role/access to an exclusive Patron-only chat!  in addition, you can add me on steam if you'd like (plus all previous rewards)
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you will be a mod in the twitch stream and in the discord!  (WARNING: if you abuse mod powers or act toxic toward viewers you can lose this privilege) ((plus all previous rewards))




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  i'm on patreon cuz i stream full-time and it don't pay the bills!
but seriously, thank you so much to anyone who follows or donates on twitch, watches/comments on youtube, or supports on patreon.  every kind of support genuinely helps more than you know in a lot of ways.  
 though i'd love to continue doing this 8ish hours every day, i would literally die of starvation at the current rate, so it was either make a patreon or give up consistent streaming.  PLEASE do not feel obligated to become a patron or continue being a patron if your money is tight; i still appreciate non-monetary support!!

(intro video is a compilation of dumb things i've said created by Harri, be sure to subscribe to his youtube ya gremlins)
$0 of $20 per month
when i hit 20 dollars per month, i will focus at least 2 days a week on a SINGLE game that the stream wants to see.. meaning less game hopping and general tomfoolery
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