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is creating 22 Things to Do in East Corners... the comic.
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About Gregory Seymour

I would love nothing more then to work on 22 Things to Do in East Corners and bring you comics and stories full time... that's why I am here. Since I debuted 22 Things to Do, I have been writing, illustrating and publishing it by myself and l would love to be able to spend even more time and energy making the comic and the readers' experience better.

What does your support go to?
Time. The less I have to worry about working elsewhere, the more I can focus on working on the comic itself; the more I can work to develop merchandise; the more I can start to offer special deals, custom artwork and beyond. 

Production. Of course it costs money to run a site, to make prints, to make stickers and buttons. Your support will help with all of this, and, of course, I will share with you first: new comics, new products and more.
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