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About Attila Blága

My name is Attila Blága, and I am a mixed esoteric artist, an occultist, Tarotolog, and Tarot deck creator. 
Art, in the 'old speaking', meant science. 
True esotericism is a way of life. Theory without practice is fruitless and futile. Esotericism begins with breathing correctly and ends with developing the so-called 'higher consciousness'. Esotericism is about the harmonious development of body, soul and mind. 
My main area of expertise is the Tarot and Tarot incorporates Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy, Kabbalah, and the Fourth Way. However, my thirty years of research, study and practice also included Psychology, Cosmology, Astronomy, Biology, Geometry, Physics, Astrophysics, Metaphysics, Philosophy and so on. Nothing is random, nothing happens by accident. Everything is connected and one clue always leads to another question.
I will post here exclusive materials about life and esotericism, both involving theoretical and practical aspects. I will have posts regarding all aspects of life from sex to politics and from music to sports and whatever came across in between. 

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