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About ATX & Co. Productions

Aspiring Filmmaker & All-Around Nerd

Let's save the drawn out origin story for later. What's absolutely important that you know right off the bat is that I've loved movies my whole life and recently have had the chance to work on a few short films. After them, I'm more motivated than ever to do my own thing and enough people have told me to go out and do it and so far those same people have told me I have some pretty cool ideas. Bad news is they aren't cheap, and let's be honest here, almost nothing is nowadays. 

Long story short, this is about as direct an outright plea can be, without being all preachy and kinda creepy. Any little bit is a great help and is definitely a great motivator to push forward.

Hope you'll join me on this winding road, it's pretty long and twisty and probably doesn't adhere to the laws of physics. Wow, that was a weird tangent... anyway, for real, hope you join.
- W