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  • MP3 file of the audio - released before it's shared with the public
  • Access to the patron-only activity feed
  • Book club discussion forum (TBD where we'll hold this - Facebook, somewhere else - help decide!)
  • Vote on future stories

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  • PDF version of the story
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  • Personalized video or audio message once a year (must be patron for at least 10 months).
  • I (Nathan) will record one approved message of your choosing, up to 30 seconds long, for non-commercial use.
  • Be part of the research team: help find future stories!




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About Nathan

I've been working as an audiobook reader and online narrator (most notably for Mark Manson), and now want to create an audio project of my own.

Check out my narration of the foreword to our first book right here:

So what's this club?

It's where I narrate stories and send them out one chapter or section at a time, so everyone in the club is receiving the content at the same time.

I'll be mainly using material from public domain works—stories from the US and from other countries. I'm searching for content that isn't already available as audio, yet are fantastic stories!

Maybe we've forgotten these stories, maybe we've never heard them, or maybe they've inspired stories we hear today!

Perhaps things like the Icelandic Sagas (partial source material for Game of Thrones), or lesser known works from famous authors (eg, Kipling or Hawthorne). I'm also open to a current author's work if it fits the club.

And YOU can decide what we hear next. I'm definitely open to ideas! While I personally enjoy mystery, adventure, and a bit of sci-fi, I'm curious to explore other genres and to see where this club takes us!

How long is a recording?

Good question! I'm aiming for about 15-20 minutes, so that it feels manageable to listen to amidst your busy life.

The recording might be an entire chapter, or part of one, or maybe just a collection of sections or chapters—all depends!

How often will you receive a recording?

To start, I'm thinking about once per week. If the club demands more or less, we can talk. :)

I don't want stories to take months to get through, so I'll probably be looking for works that are 1-2 hours in length total (<20K words); that way, we should all be done in 4-8 weeks with each story.

And remember, you can always set a max amount of pledges per month, which caps the total amount you spend.

What else do you get?

Rewards! Yes, for each pledge level, you will receive perks for being a patron at that level. Things like advance copies of the stories, behind-the-scenes access, and even personalized audio projects!

And sky's the limit...

What you see isn't a final list—I'm very open to hearing what else would be fun or wanted, so let me know, and perhaps that'll be the next perk coming your way!

Goal image credits (from the Noun Project):
Lock and Launch by Mario Bieh
upgrade by Michal Beno
Audio by Dan Hetteix
collaboration by Laura Golben
$4 of $12 per recording
This will help me see if there's actually an audience and interest for the club. Once we hit this, we're off! I'll also set up the iTunes Podcast version!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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