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Hey, thanks for the buck! This gets you access to at least the private patreon section in my server.
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Wow, you gave me 5! Thank you so much! You get what the Ursa Minors get, as well as access to any secret, hush-hush streams I might do.
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So, thanks for the 10, like, a lot. Now, you get what the others get, but now, with a free background/minor banner. Meaning if you want a repeated image or something, I'll make that for ya.
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About Audrey-Lloyd

Hey'yo, I'm Audrey-Lloyd. A graphic artist and nerd. I figured I'd start this, since there are probably people that, while they wanna support me, can't quite make up the money for commissions. I totally get it, so, here ya go. Patreon. This fabulous thing lets you make constant payments to me each month. If you need me, I'm usually in my Discord, the Discorded Hunters. The link for that is here:
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So, I got 50 USD. So, what does this mean? Basically, it means that I can maybe get something to put together videos? Maybe do some speedpaints, yanno?
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