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Thanks to all subscribers. There is just one Miss Augusta’s Collection subscription tier option for all fans. As a subscriber, you will have access to all locked posts on Patreon.  

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  • All subscribers will have access to my constantly growing collection of videos.
  • The collection will be organized by curriculum areas.
  • Topics such as independent student work, “Small Table Talks”, and interviews will have separate categories.
  • I will communicate with my fans frequently through live videos and keep you informed about the regularly scheduled video postings and their contents.
  • Printed explanatory materials for specific teaching strategies will be available for downloading.



About Augusta Mann

A Note From Augusta
Thanks to all the many educators who, over more than 35 years, have told me how my teaching strategies and materials have helped them attain success with their students. As I accumulated more years-became an elder-teachers began to call me “Miss Augusta”. This follows an old African American southern tradition, an expression of honor to older women. This makes me feel so good! So, hence, the name of this collection that will represent my long years of work.

This Patreon drive is focused on giving.  I want to continue, through the use of technology, to share whatever expertise I have. This Patreon format allows me to quickly connect with teachers all over the country.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please join our Patreon community of myself, yourself and other educators who, through some of the interactive components, will be able to contribute skills and knowledge to this new adventure!

Please visit my updated website: and pass the word!

Watch the Video
Listen to the video and understand that the posting of videos will take time. I need your support to get the help I need to do this—videographers, editors, writers, artists, computer techies and a lot more folks to help me organize the hundreds of valuable materials in my work loft and on my computer.

So hang in there and know that I will let you know specific goals and a schedule of posting videos. Together we can do this!

Love, Miss Augusta

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