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Hi! I'm a software developer focused on building apps for social & environmental good to improve the world! Digital Nomad and maker 🌏🚀 - Co-founder of the tech community for fight Climate Emergency #impactMakers.

Last year (Jun 2018) I quit my job in a BCN startup to start a maker journey with the goal of becoming self-sustainable. All started with a big decision and this tweet:

"Big news 🚀 ! Last week was my last week in my work. I left my 9-6 office work to start a nomad life 🌏 . First, I want to set up my priorities & start working on new projects. I'm very excited about this BIG change in my life. Stay tuned, I have a lot of plans! 🎉 #nomad"

In this year I created/launched:

  • RoastMe: Feedback Marketplace. Get real feedback 🔥 and opinions 🎯 from expert users for your product/design/idea! Give your expert review & earn money. 
  • Subscriptione: All-in-one subscriptions workplace. Track & organize all your recurring payments. All your subscriptions on steroids — in one tool!
  • Top Climate Heroes: A curated list of Twitter accounts worth following, writing about the Climate Emergency, scientist evidence, actions and lot more.
I co-founded
  • Tech Impact Makers: A community of tech people who want to have a positive impact by helping prevent earth’s climate breaking down.
Now working on:
  • greenDoor (WIP): Transforming organizations from inside to fight against Climate Change. As an individual, you have the power in daily actions, but you can also be the change within your organizations: your work, your school, your club & more.   
  • youMake: Community of makers live streaming their products.
  • LeagueOfMakers (stopped & re-thinking): Be part of awesome people building stuff to solve world problems. Join, build, be fantastic!   

While working as a freelancer & travel with my partner (you can follow our journey through SE Asia). Also, I love learning new things, for instance now I'm learning business #marketing & #blockchain! 🤖. 

Still reading? A bit more personal stuff:
  • One of my key aspects is the willingness to learn and continue learning from day to day! I love to give a lot of work to my brain!
  • I like to recognize the merits of my colleagues and not hide my own mistakes. Kudos for all!
  • I always want to ship products, services, apps and new things!
  • I'm proud to be a kind, easy going and cheerful person.
  • I enjoy having beers with my friends and spend time with them.
  • I love traveling. Seriously.
  • I am in love with computers from age 10, at 14 years old I installed my first Linux distro -RedHat then I switched to Gentoo- and with 15 I learned my first programming language (C). 
  • I'm keen on spicy food. Very spicy.
  • I would have liked to become a movie director, for now, I am okay watching movies.

Other (older) startups/projects: TrainingCloud (co-founded), Indiko (SmartCity data manegement platform, sold), OctopiSoftware (software development startup, failed).

With your help, I'll be able to keep shipping new projects and hopefully be able to help people & our planet. Thank you!

J.P. Aulet
$5 of $500 per month
I will be able to work in a environmental & Climate Emergency projects. 
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