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About Aural Stage Studios

Aural Stage Studios, inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of storytelling through the medium of sound. Aural Stage Studios offers audio entertainment in the form of live and recorded audio productions. We also offer classes and services to the public covering the craft and business of audio production.

We are the home of the Audio Drama Network, running podcasts that promote and teach the craft of Audio Drama, like Radio Drama Revival, 11th Hour Audio Productions and the Audio Drama Production Podcast, as well as affiliate audio dramas such as What's the Frequency and Audioblivious Productions.

Aural Stage Studios, Inc. believes that art has value and that engaging artists through audio productions, live shows, classes, workshops, networking and community engagement will result in the continued development of an artist’s craft and an increase in artistic diversity, relevancy and access.

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At 100 patrons, we can start funding other audio drama productions, including a brand new audio drama for middle school-aged children, crafted by a team of education and audio professionals working with high school students to teach them the tools and skills to make great audio drama!
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