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CURRENTLY ON HIATUS: Going to finish my MFA in creative writing before coming back to this.

Thank you for coming to this page and even just thinking about becoming a sponsor. Any and all help is appreciated, and as one broke millennial trying to create art to all others, you are seriously amazing and I want to thank you for the work you are doing!

This Patreon is for my serial novel the Smuggler and the Prince (SAP), a Queer Science Fiction Romance. It is also for stand alone flash fiction and short stories.


Find the chapters of SAP here and on Tumblr, and Wordpress! SAP updates with 1,500-3,000 word chapters.

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About SAP: Jaawn has only ever cared about two things: his crew and his share of their smuggling profits. This all begins to change when they pick up a distress signal that leads to Prince Myall, who is on the run from the cruel Colonists. Myall’s drive not only to get home but to bring support and alliances back to his world brings unwanted scrutiny to the ship of smugglers, and Jaawn finds himself weighing actions outside of his ship for the first time.

Jaawn Hon - 27 - pilot and locksmith - human - he/him - gay
Myall Niyr - 26 - prince and artist - human - he/him - bi
Captain Keyla Il-tor - 68 - captain and navigator - human - she/her - lesbian
Mrrrm - 36 - engineer and mechanic - alien - she/her - unknown
90-9 - 168 - medical officer and “diplomat” - android - they/them - queer
Swan Amma - 48 - guard and hacker - human - e/em - gay
Crkkt - unknown - thief and engineer - alien - he/it - unknown

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