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About Aus Table Talk

We believe that church should be a safe place for powerful conversations. Unfortunately it is often far from that.

So we want to restore that culture.

We do that by having the conversations you wish were happening at church.

We hope that by changing the conversation we can change the culture and if we can change the culture we can help our generation make church what it was always meant to be.

If you believe in what we are doing, read on!

When we started we had no idea that our message would resonate like it has. The thing is, there are costs, which only ever seem to escalate. We have been paying our own bills for over 2 years; hosting, equipment, travel and hundreds and hundreds of production hours. We have done it joyfully, but at some point every movement needs to stand on its own feet if it is going to be sustainable.

Now is that time for ATT

There are so many things we "could" do if the resources were available so if you would like to climb on board with us and change the future for the better, we invite you to become a patron. No matter if it is $1/month or $100/month it will make a massive difference to us!
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This is what we are calling the point of sustainability. If we hit this mark, our basic needs are covered and we can go on to bigger and better things.
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