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This is the last tier. Anything $15 or more grants you every previous reward, as well as having the option to message me on Twitter or Discord to suggest a video. If I am able to do this video (within reason) I will make it and give you all the credit for helping to create it! You will also have any external links to your social media/youtube channel in the description and a pinned comment, as well as at the end of the video you helped to create! 

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per fully edited YouTube video, no filler.

About Austendo

Hello! My name is Austen

I like making content about video games - mostly Nintendo.

This Patreon is more or less just a place for those who truly wish to support me to do just that!

Apart from watching and subscribing, this is completely optional and I don't want to force anyone to donate or have anyone feel obligated in any way possible. This is really just a page for those who feel generous or truly want me to succeed. I don't expect anyone to actually donate, but at least the option is now alive!

I'm 16, I am trying to get a job in any way that I can. It's surprisingly difficult. Until I do - I don't have income. This is entirely on me as I need to search more and figure out my own life. I like to make YouTube videos in my spare time, it is a fun way to express my creativity and humor through things that interest me.

I used to be successful but ended up giving up on my old channel due to a severe lack of motivation and hopelessness. I strive to be what I used to envy and make videos consistently. I focused on numbers too often rather than my interest. I vow to never make that mistake again.

I was lucky enough over 2 years to get a higher quality camera and a powerful computer to edit videos on. This was my main roadblock on my older channel as a lack of these really killed my spirit. 

Now that I have those two things that I need, I have motivation. Even if you do not donate (I really don't expect anyone to donate) just watching and commenting is enough to keep me going and having fun while doing so.

Your donation will go to all things video game related that can benefit the channel. Let's say I'm doing a review on a new Nintendo game, but I don't have enough money to do so. If your donation helps contribute to the purchase you can help make the video possible. This also applies to accessories and whatnot.

So whatever you decide to do is in your discretion and entirely optional. I won't sob uncontrollably if you do not donate, just watching my videos supports me enough! 
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