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About Austin Germick

Hello, my name is Austin. Thank you for visiting my Patreon page where you can support me via monthly donations of any amount. I edit videos and digital media. I create short internet commercials for small businesses from the images and footage they provide me with.
Interested in having one made? Here's my rates:

- $80 up-front flat fee
- $120 for each minute of the final cut
- Payment can be delivered via Paypal

Example: It would be $320 for a 2 minute video. 80 flat fee + $120 x 2 minutes = $320

To deliver the media you want used in the video, create a Google Drive folder and place the content in there. Send the Shareable Link to me via email. (Link to image tutorial on how to do this coming soon.)

Once I receive the flat-fee I will begin editing your video and it can be delivered within two to four days from ordering. I will send you a Google Drive link where you can review the finished product with my watermark somewhere on the screen. Once final payment is received you will be sent a new link with the complete and non-watermarked video available for download.

Contact me at [email protected]

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