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Bookworm Bargain.  Now that you've got something to eat, if you kick in at the $2.50 a month level, you'll also receive two older ACRONYM Inc. publications, along with a bespoke CD-R of a number of eZines in .pdf format.  There are 20 years of back-issues lying around here, and patrons will get a chance to see the work I've done before to get a sense of the work I will be doing.
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Music Mogul.  Food and something to read is nice, but if you really want to be a hero in my book, donate at the $5.00 a month, and receive a copy of all our music releases to date!  This includes Lost In The Supermarket, The Shindig Shakedown, The Ways of Ghosts and more!  This is a chance to catch up on some great tunes you may have missed, and have a chance to support us in a very cool way.
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Archive Overflow Record Club.  For Patrons who support us at this rate, you will receive in the mail a LP from the Archive Overflow pile.  Records in this pile have come into my possession through mysterious means, and the quality (and kind) of record you will get every month is completely random.  




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My name is Austin Rich. Since 1993 I've been writing and making Zines, and in the years since I have taken up music, radio, blogging, and podcasts. Over the last 25 years+ I've written a book of short fiction (Naked Trees Point To The North Star), performed in bands (CatheadThe Black Noise Orchestra, & Mini-Mutations), released a number of other audio recordings, hosted a number of shows in both terrestrial radio (KWVAKPSUKMUZOPB) and online or via podcast, and have held a handful of journalism gigs both in print and online as well. By far, these creative works have been incredibly rewarding, and my goal is to keep at it until someone takes away the keyboard and cuts all the remaining cables surrounding me.

When you support my work, you are helping me live this dream. It is easy enough for someone to jump onto a trend, and become another one of the many folks who want to be artists and philosopher kings in this modern digital wonderland we all have available to us. However, I've been at this for quite some time, and in that time I've given little thought to the issue of money.  It's been a great opportunity to hone my craft, produce a ton of material, and have a really great time doing it.  

Now it is time to see what I can do when I really put my mind to it.  

When you support me, you support a promise to produce new work that is unlike anything you've seen from me before. New recordings that you will want to listen to. Radio programs you can't wait to tune it for. Publications that come from my heart.

New stuff that thrills me to make, and stuff that I can breath life into With your help. When you are engaged with the work that I do, you help create a new media landscape, full of material you would enjoy. My promise is that I will make the best shows and stories that are possible, create music that you will enjoy, and package them for you in ways that you cannot wait to receive.

People who donate to this campaign will get to enjoy all the usual things that I make anyway. The radio shows will continue to be free; everything that was before will be in the future. However, patrons will receive access to a number of benefits and bonuses as a special gift for supporting us. Bonus content, free zines and albums, mail art that other people won't receive. By supporting me and the work I produce, you make it possible for me to continue, and to expand to new and exciting projects that I 

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Here are some links to current Projects:


Mid-Valley Mutations: The most recent iteration of the show I've hosted since 1998, I present collage, comedy, old time radio, interviews, live music and whatever I feel like in a weekly two hour format. There are a number of themes we like to return to, including Science Fiction, Music & Culture documentaries, interviews and music by audio artists, and stories that play out over the show. Heavily inspired by Don Joyce's Over The Edge, our program is a chance to explore the way sound and narrative intersect in an Audio Essay that rocks pretty hard. The house band is Mini-Mutations, and this show can be heard on at 10 PM on Friday nights.

Since the year 2000, I've been maintaining some form of What began as another outlet for material that was in development happened to work better in a digital environment, and evolved into a blog.  Since then, it has been a place to publish new material on timely subjects with a shorter shelf life than the material that wound up in my Zines. has been a central hub for all the work I do online, and for many years was the only place to find my work. 
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If I am able to generate $50 a month, this will be a huge breakthrough for ACRONYM Inc, as we will be able to cover our basic operating costs.Website domains, internet fees, and the basics of making web content make incurs a number of costs that have been, until now, covered out of pocket.If I can get this kind of support, the bare minimum costs of operation will be covered, and will work as an excellent incentive for us to expand and improve.
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