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Welcome to the Virtual Write In!

Who is Brenna?

I'm an author of young adult fantasy novels and a mountain of free to read short stories!

I never believed I could pursue writing because "if it won't support you financially then it isn't worth while." Wrong!

It took a decade of pushing my craft by the wayside before I realized how important writing was to my happiness. Only after that did I pursue writing as a career and help others make time for their own pursuits alongside me.

What do you do?

I write, of course!

I’ve enjoyed writing since I was very young. Creative assignments for school. Harry Potter fanfiction. Cartoon fanfiction. I’m not ashamed of my roots. I finally found my own stories when I was about 15 years old and I knew that was where my heart belonged.

Here are my current works in progress that you are helping bring to life:

Force of Will (Principles of Magic #2)
A group of magic users unaffiliated with the Alliance take Mage Will Cavanaugh under their wing to help him fix a dangerous magical mishap, but having magic doesn't make a person perfectly trustworthy.

TBA (Principles of Magic #3)
A strange and powerful magic device falls into Kitty's lap and puts her and Will in the middle of a deadly game of cat and mouse with an unexpected enemy.

Miscellaneous Short Fiction 
You'll get to read everything from short stories to flash fictions to micro fictions! Most of these stories are based on prompts provided at the Virtual Write In or from higher tier Patreon Backers! **PLEASE NOTE - No more than 2 paid posts will be shared each month. At maximum, patrons will be charged twice in any given month.

What's In It For You?

To thank you for your support, I want to shout your name from the mountaintops and help you grow the way you've helped me. You'll get an insider look at the creation of these works and a view of my journey through self publishing. Hopefully it inspires your own journey. You'll even get a copy of all published novels in ebook format! Your generous pledges help keep the lights on (in my home and on stream) and help with publication costs such as editorial services and marketing. You bring these stories to life faster and you help keep the Virtual Write In alive!

If you like the idea of filling the world with more readers and thinkers, I hope you’ll consider supporting my writing.

Writing Schedule:

Tuesday - Saturday at 11am Eastern Time
$122 of $2,000 per creation
This is the ultimate goal of becoming a full time writer. Scary? Daunting? Good! It's the biggest prize I could ask for right after seeing people enjoy something I've written. I'm committed to this.

As we approach this goal, we'll think of some fabulous ways to celebrate you, the ones who make dreams come true!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
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