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Wow, You have given me a shot! Thank you very much, I do appreciate your help.

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Be you!!! Got a question you need to ask, want to know something specific about working, family or just being you. ASK!!! 

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Hi, My name is Arlene and welcome to my Patreon!

I just came from a long time off dealing with my dog. She is a Yorkshire Terrier and was sick for sometime. She underwent surgery, did the hospital stay and now is back home. She is doing great and I couldn't be happier but now it is time to get back to life. When I sat down and thought of what I wanted to do I pondered. I walked around in a maze for a while and then I awoke one day and it hit me. What am I really good at and the answer came to me, it is writing. I have one published book, a lost book and a few more things that I have written. I have done lots of things on and off the net and had a blast doing them. I know in my heart that I love helping people and I don't feel shame about being that way.

How Often?
I feel that writing and doing videos is very important and that is what I want to bring to you. Don't get me wrong writing is very important because if people don't understand who you are they won't even look twice. So me writing and showing you (video) what I am talking about (and more) is a great way for you to know I am being truthful.

Why help me?
I know that you more than anyone can understand my love for writing and maybe even the videos that I have done (if you have seen them). I will be totally honest with you writing isn't easy when you have many other things to do. And doing the video is really hard when you have a time span. Patreon lets you see and hear the videos and stuff I post. You will find that one hand washing the other in this case will be totally worth it!

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When I get to $500 a week I will do videos talking about what is in my book. I will also put Scruff on, she likes the camera.
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