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You get to help me keep doing what I love doing! This tier gives you a ticket to sit at the cool kids' table. Additionally, you get access to patron-only polls about what content I should work on for patreon and for the general public both. 

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Here for art? This is for you! This tier gives you access to sketches, wips, concepts and sneak peeks for projects the public doesn't know about, as well as any art tips or tutorials I make. 

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Love writing? Here's where you get all the writing goods - writing wips, first/final draft comparisons, comic scripts, and writing advice (I have a lot of thoughts about writing, so eventually there will be quite a stockpile of  this). 




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Hello! I'm Light, an artist and writer and aspiring wood sprite. I love video games and my cats, but more than anything I love storytelling. 

Ever since I was five I was determined to be a writer, and when I was sixteen that combined with art to give me an undying love for comics. That desire to be a storyteller has only grown stronger, and more than anything I want to be able to make my stories my job so I can pour all my heart into them instead of being distracted by that most dreaded of activities: a job. The thing is, I'm determined to keep my stories free to read online whenever possible, which is hardly a sustainable way to make income. 
That's where you come in: with your support, I can spend more time on my stories and less trying to make a living. This means more content for you, and faster, resulting in more of my many stories being told. You get all sorts of neat extras by becoming a patron, including my undying gratitude and a favor from the fae.

But what exactly are these stories that I keep talking about? I'm glad you asked!

Currently, my main project is Tales of Lost Names, a story about loss and acceptance that follows a widowed man, Oliver, and his son Michael who find a girl from the stars who foolishly bartered away her name to one of the fae. Dubbing the girl Astra, they set out to get her name back from the faerie man who took it, but run into far more trouble than they expected along the way.

I have many other stories, including a hopeful post-apocalyptic fantasy, a sci-fi/fantasy about interdimensional travel and cults, a fantasy about a depressed man made of black goop inadvertently gaining a surrogate daughter, and a superhero story about trauma and family. These are only a sampling of all that I have planned, however, which just goes to show how much I need support to realize my dreams of getting these stories made so that you all can read them. 
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I can pay my student loan payments God bless,,, now I can focus on Living and not paying off debt. 
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