Padmalaya Mariposa

is creating a book about her son's autism recovery, and related social media
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About Padmalaya Mariposa

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my PATREON page. 

I am a Forever Autism Mom seeking funding to TELL THE STORY/ WRITE THE BOOK about my journey through my son's FULL RECOVERY from SEVERE AUTISM. 

Although I am currently a single/divorced mom working daily to make ends meet as an Uber/Lyft driver (this allows me a flexible schedule to be an AVAILABLE mom), I have INFORMATION & INSPIRATION to share with others, to try to help... not only with their own autistic children, but with LIFE ITSELF. 

AUTISM ANSWERS, positivity,inspiration, love, peace💖

The more funding I receive, the more I can FREE MY TIME TO CREATE... with concentrated focus...  in ADDITION to being a Supermom😍

I currently have a CreateSpace account started with Amazon self-publishing and FB/Instagram forums, AUTISM AND BEYOND... and now I'm ready for the main act... "THE BOOK".  

Many people have have been asking for years... and many people have been waiting. If you can help, NOW can be the time. 

I would truly be deeply grateful... and honored... to be able to share something with the world which could potentially BENEFIT MANY OTHER LIVES. 

For what is the purpose of life anyway, if not to connect with others, and to help, and to grow, and to evolve, and to FLOURISH?! 

I believe my son's autism was a GIFT but not a life sentence. Help me tell the story of  why... and how his miraculous recovery took place🌸
$1 of $2,500 per month
This amount would cover all of my basic living expenses per month... then I could spend all of my time WRITING & CREATING!! Simple. Yes... as all of my big city Uber passengers tell me... fortunately Cleveland is a relatively inexpensive place to live! 

Having focused time to write the book as well as create supporting social media content would also help me accomplish my other, more important, non-monetary goal... HELPING OTHERS. Simple and awesome, right?! 

The more TIME I can create to work on the book, the SOONER I can get it OUT INTO THE WORLD!
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