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AUTISTIC Psychiatrist?

"How on earth is it even possible?!" you might ask.  "Psychiatrists are supposed to read your mind, right? And autism is a mind-blindness, isn't it? Autism = Zero empathy, no? You guys hate people! And I'm not sure I want to see a crazy shrink!”

No.  Simply NO.  That's five autism stereotypes in as many sentences - and every single one of them is WRONG.

1. AUTISM ≠ Mental illness. It's a neurodevelopmental phenomenon.  To put it simply, Autistic brain structure (on a microlevel) is already distinct from the NeuroTypical even in the womb!
2.  AUTISTICS can be emotionally empathic to the fault.
3.  The theory about autism being a uniform phenomenon is laughably simplistic. In fact, I will bet my mortgage that there's NO TWO AUTISTIC PEOPLE WITH IDENTICAL AUTISM PROFILE IN THE WORLD. 
4. AUTISTICS CAN & DO learn to emulate NT behaviour - with the sole purpose of being able to function in the society. Most of us never reach the experience of socialising as a natural, effort free, instinctive activity. We certainly don't hate people. Many of us enjoy socializing. But it uses up our energy, just like any work does. We are not ANTI-SOCIAL. We just have to take society in small doses.
5. On the same point - i.e., emulating NT behaviour - it's perfectly possible to train as a psychologist (specialising in behaviour, chiefly - normal behaviour, but also psychological assessment & management of NeuroATypical Conditions & mental illness) or psychiatrist (a physician specialising mainly in diagnostic assessment & management of mental illness & NeuroATypical conditions, yet familiar with normal psychological states, too).

How?  How is it even possible? The simple answer: we are world experts in camouflage & mimicry. But this "answer" leaves many key issues unanswered.

And the answers are proving to be fascinating.

I invite you along to explore the mysteries of Autism together.

Why with me? 
Because no matter the nature of YOUR relationship with Autism -. I understand the challenges you face in your role & the questions that you seek answers to. 

This is not a #ActualAutismParents blog.  It is not a baby-autism YouTube channel.  It's not a specialist journal article aimed at professionals.

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