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About Autistotle™

Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the very essence of successful investing. -- J. Paul Getty

Greetings future kings and filthy nocoiners. By now you've *probably* heard of bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in general. Possibly even wild tales of people driving off in lamborghini's they bought with "magic bean internet money" after investing a few hundred dollars of hard earned wageslave tender.
While 90% of us probably won't ever make it to that elusive land of luxury, we are luckily still in the infancy of an emerging yet volatile market with massive earning potential.

If you know what you're doing.

What i'm here to do is help get you started turning those NEETdollars into something more meaningful, like a girlfriend. Or a heavy bag of altcoins that laugh mockingly everytime you check your portfolio.

This patreon will be dedicated to creating a cryptocurrency community, giving you research and information on up and coming coins, news, and market movements so we can all escape to a foreign country on a private jet before the government inevitably shuts it down, or the nukes start dropping.

Each month i'll handpick a prospective coin and give a comprehensive breakdown in what I call the Trash Beach Confidential™, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their entire package from team to tech. Patrons also get access to all weekly content in between including additional dives into smaller marketcap coins. Beginners guides, opinion pieces, portfolio ideas, market trends, trading horror stories, exclusive discord roles in our growing community and more.

I'll spend my time doing the exhaustive grunt work of digging through the garbage and give you the good stuff so you don't have to dirty those lovely hands of yours. How sweet (and handsome) am I?

Disclaimer: All content is meant to be used for educational purposes. It is not financial advice. Never invest more than you are willing to potentially lose.
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