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Hey, I'm Auti! I like to draw and occationally animate. 
Here I plan to give you colorable linearts for references, adoptables and more. Animated icon linearts, profile pictures, tutorials about various things will all be made spesifically for patreon. Hope to see you here!

How does it work?

I will provide different rewards for different pledges. When it comes to colorable lineart, you will have to pay per post. If you want the copyright, you will have to contact me. I own the copyright with the license claim that you credit my name in the description if you post it online. 

Pay per post:

-Colorable linearts
-icon linearts

-Early access
-Art process
-drawn in streams 
(if you join a stream where I'm drawing random things, you can ask me to draw your character)

You can cancel your pledge at any time (Patreon charges you at the beginning of every month).

How often do I post?
-I post as often as I can but it will always be minimum 3 posts a month.

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