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About Auto Addiction Media

Welcome to the Patreon page of Auto Addiction!

Who? We are 2 guys with a passion for making car related videos like Track footage (Public & Racing), Rally's & RallyCross, Dragraces, Supercars, Drifts, Fails & Crashes and much, much more!

Why? This is our hobby and we love it. And although we do get some revenue from advertisements on our videos, it isn't nearly enough to pay the bills (fuel, camera equipment etc). We believe there is always room for improvement and we keep pushing ourselves to create better content each year, wether it is by upgrading our camera equipment or trying different ideas and techniques.

How? And here is were YOU can help! Become a Patreon and support Auto Addiction! By supporting Auto Addiction you are helping to improve our videos and to grow our Youtube channel even more!
Also, you can receive several cool rewards, check out the Rewards list to the right -->

On a side note, our videos are free and will always remain to be free to watch.
We don't expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to our hobby than simply watching our videos.
We appreciate that by itself. But if you feel like contributing more, we would GREATLY appreciate the support! In that case:

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Each pledge can be used to cover travelcosts, or to keep our camera gear up and running.
We are grateful for every single penny :)
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