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You will have our eternal gratitude. A small monthly amount would help greatly towards the upkeep of the website and the time spend producing content. Which will enable us to continue campaigning for more powers for Scotland. We will list you as a supporter on the website as well as send a thankyou via social media. 
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Hi guys,

Autonomy Scotland was founded and is run by Ruth And Bobby. With lots of help from a few others. 

We started our blog,, as we were supporters of Scottish Independence. We lost that referendum. We now keep the blog going to promote several things:

• Better functioning democracy within the UK, with particular regards to regional devolution, reforming the House of Lords, changing the voting system to a proportional one and stronger local government

• Promotion of ethical foreign policy, ethical trade deals, compassionate welfare laws and the advancement of environmental issues by UK and Scottish government

• The empowerment of local communities Ultimately, we feel that many of our goals would be easier within an independent Scotland so we also will campaign for a second referendum.

We have started this patreon in order to try and raise a small amount to cover the upkeep of our website as well as promote the website. 
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