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Hey! Hi! What’s up?
My names Autumn, and I think I have good things to say sometimes.

I’m a nonbinary, queer, mentally ill content creator and activist.

I'm from a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania. Being both LGBTQ+ and mentally ill in a closed-minded area comes with many challenges, much of which I had to sort through and figure out alone. I had virtually no one to look up to for support or guidance growing up with these issues, and absolutely no one should have to feel like that. I aim to provide guidance, education, awareness, and representation for anyone seeking for it with the content I create.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2018 and am currently continuing that education to earn another, higher Psychology degree with a concentration in Education. I then plan to go on to a Masters in Student Affairs in Higher Education to bring my activism into the educational system (where I feel it’s highly needed).

I hope that you consider supporting me on this journey! Feel free to read below about the work I’ve done, and will be able to continue to do with your support!

About My LGBTQ+ Activism
Since going through my own journey of figuring out my sexuality and gender at a young age, I’ve been extremely passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and providing education and support to young community members.
I strive to be the person that I never had growing up. I never had an older LGBTQ+ figure to ask for advice, comfort, or even just friendship. As I grew older I found an amazing group of friends in the community, but it still upsets me to know of LGBTQ+ kids with no direction and no one to look up to, especially in my own community.

Putting myself out in the open as a public figure who happens to be non-binary and pansexual, I hope that I can serve as someone for LGBTQ+ kids to turn to. You shouldn't have to make this journey alone.

I also open myself to be a resource in my small town community and online- even though the LGBTQ+ community has countless members from all walks of life, the information for allies to educate themselves about our community just isn't there. Because of this, I also dedicate my time to making educational PG content meant to be shared to inform others.

Supporting this Patreon allows me to continue to make LGBTQ+ content including short films highlighting community strugglesadvice for LGBTQ+ youtheducation and awareness for allies, and entertainment videos. Pledging $1 or more lets you see a list of all the upcoming LGBTQ+ projects I have planned! 

➡ About My Mental Health Activism 
Growing up having to manage my mental illnesses from a young age, combined with going into a career in the psychology industry, I've experienced well over my fair share of stigma and discrimination as it relates to mental illness. I believe education is a powerful tool, and strive to promote education on mental illness and dispel stigmatizing attitudes the mass media perpetuates.

As with my LGBTQ+ activism, I also am putting myself out in the open as a public figure who happens to be mentally ill.

As with education, I believe making issues personal gives a perspective to those that don't experience mental illness would usually not consider. By being a public mentally ill figure, I want the general public to realize that we are not "scary" or "dangerous", despite what they've heard. I also want other mentally ill individuals to know that they aren't alone. I want you to know that your mental illness does not have to define you, even though it may be a huge part of how you function in day to day life. You are not alone. You will succeed, and you will make your dreams a reality.

Supporting this Patreon allows me to continue to make mental health content including educational videos and fostering a community to break down the stigma of mental illness. Pledging $1 or more lets you see a list of all the upcoming mental health projects I have planned!

➡ Why Should I Donate When I Can Continue Enjoying Your Content For Free?
Youtube is an unpredictable and unreliable source of income, but is unfortunately my only one at the moment. (At the time of me writing this, 08/05/18, I also still do not have monetization back after Youtube updated the criteria for being monetized. I have met said criteria, but my account has been stuck in "in review" limbo, leaving me without income from YouTube for over five months now). My mental illnesses severely impact my ability to have a stable income by working at what would be considered a "normal job", to the point where all "normal jobs" I've had, I've had to quit because of how my mental illnesses affect the way I function daily.

You definitely do not have to pledge to be a patreon to keep enjoying my content, but doing so allows me to both pay my bills and improve my content with better filming & editing equipment, taking on bigger projects, etc. 

➡ FAQs 
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  • You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.

thank you so so much for your continued support, and dare to deviate. ✰

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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