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The "Thinking of Me" Tier
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The "Thinking of Me" Tier is essentially the tier that shows me that you're thinking of me and want to help me reach my goal by throwing a buck my way. Rewards for this tier include:
  • My undying gratitude, love, and appreciation
  • Access to WIPs of all art, comic, and writing-related posts on my Patreon feed
  • Miscellaneous requests. If there is anything you'd like to do, such as brainstorming or editing, we can work it out here! No idea is too small!
The "Poll Me Up" Tier
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The "Poll Me Up" Tier will allow you to vote on what prompt I create art for each month! There will be one for either a fanfiction piece, a comic, or an art piece each month. The winning prompt and fandoms will see the piece come to life! 

You also receive all of the perks from the "Thinking of Me" Tier!
The "Q&A" Tier
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The "Q&A" Tier involves any and all of the writing pieces I do, including fanfiction and comics. Essentially, once a month, you (the wonderful Patron) are allowed to ask one question about the fanfiction or comic of your choice. It can be as big or as little as you want, as spoilery or spoiler-free as your heart desires! You can also give suggestions to any of the pieces as well.

You will also receive all of the perks from the "Thinking of Me" Tier!




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About Autumn Elniski

I'm a just a very gay ginger girl trying to share my creativity with the world and keep a roof over my head at the same time. 
$3 of $475 per creation
My plan is to create a lot of content over the summer. Earning this amount would mean I would have one whole month to devote to creating a bunch of content for all of my lovely Patrons (that's you!) instead of having to worry about getting another part time job to pay rent over the summer. You will receive my eternal gratitude for helping me reach this goal, as well as a shout out in all of the work I create for that month!
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