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About AuxCordFM

AuxCordFM is being developed with experimentation in mind. The entertainment industry is evolving quickly, but entertainment blogs are mostly the same as they were in 2008. AuxCordFM hopes to be the antidote to the complacency found throughout the world of entertainment blogging, especially where music is concerned. Here you will not see traditional news posts or reviews, nor will any photo galleries be featuring every image a memory card was able to hold. The contributors here care too much about the quality of their work to shovel out content for the sake of making content, and frankly, we are sick of feeling as though that is the only way to retain an audience. We know you can find the latest news item in entertainment from any one of a million sites in existence, and we have no interest in further piling on for the sake of saying something appears on the site. That’s not the kind of stuff we want to read or see, so it’s not what we plan to offer.

With all that said, here are some things you can expect to find on the site as we move forward:

  • Artist Profiles (for performers at every level)
  • Essays on music, film, and entertainment
  • Abstract entertainment appreciation (poetry, short stories, and more inspired by art)
  • Podcast(s)
  • Music and film recommendations
  • Beginner’s guides to scenes, artists, filmmakers, fine art, and writing.
  • Commentary on culture, both serious and nonsensical
  • Short-run, themed (print) zines

That last one is significant, and it’s the one we’re most excited about getting off the ground. For too long the small number of remaining print publications have dictated what is and is not fit to appear in print. As the market for magazines has shrunk, these publications have been forced to rely more and more on artists with large, well-established fan bases to sell ads (which, in turn, keep their lights on and bills paid). Our approach to zines will be different. Each AuxCordFM publication will be themed, and the proceeds will be used to support charities and other non-profit organizations working to make the world a better place. More details on this, and much more, will be coming in the weeks ahead.

But how will you pay for this?

That question is one that has stopped everyone involved with this site at one point or another from creating something they otherwise believed in with all their heart. Covering music and entertainment can be a lot of fun, but those of us who have attempted to make careers out of our passion has quickly realized such goals are rarely achieved. With that in mind, AuxCordFM is launching a Patreon to cover initial costs of site operation. Our first goal is $20/month, which will cover hosting costs, as well as costs associated with launching our first podcast. Those who give as little as $2/month will receive access to a weekly wrap-up/recommendation newsletter and a personalized playlist from one of our contributors. The zines teased above will be an extra cost, which we hope to cover solely through pre-orders. We will only be printing what we need to meet demand and have no plans to reissue a zine once its run in our (soon to be revealed) store has expired.

This site and the amount of content that exists on it depends entirely on our ability to make you care about the things we have to share. If you’ve made it this far, thank you. We have so, so much to offer in the weeks and months ahead.
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