is creating generative art, creative and experimental coding things
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  • All of my creative programming practise notes, like "Coding Druid".
  • All the source code / patch of these practise notes. (The unpaid followers can get half of them)
  • Other patron-only posts about creative programming.
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  • All the above benefits.
  • Source code / patch of some experimental projects, will be more complicated than practises.
  • Other patron-only content, like images of generative art and how I made it.
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  • All the above benefits.
  • The souce code / patch of some artworks or other bigger projects.
  • I'll answer your questions about my works one to one through email.



About Contra

Hi! I'm Contra (aka Luo Xiao) from China.

I have been a senior game/App/web developer for many years, and now a creative coder making generative art, interactive media, and other creative applications. 

The languages/tools I use recently are Max(Jitter), and Javascript(React). But I also use Processing/P5js, Unity, Pure Data, Python, and more sometimes.

On Patreon I will share my generative artwork, patches, source code and experiences in creative projects developing.

Ⅰ. Practice notes:
“Coding Druid” series is my horizontal programming practice notes, each part around a topic like mathematical, physics, electronic, graphics, sound, etc., and there are chapters in each part, implemented in several programming languages. Such as:
Part: Math
Chapter: Trigonometric Function
Section: MaxMSPJavaScript (React)Python, or Unity3D

Ⅱ. Experimental Programming:
Source experimental projects, will be more complicated or serious than practises. For example:
Max QRCode generator
Transmitting OSC data via WebSocket
(These two projects are open source, just FYI to explain the EP projects.)

Ⅲ. Interactive:
Some artworks like generative art, or projects bigger than above.
And I'll answer your questions about my works one to one through email.

You can find more works/projects/code/demo here:

With your help, I can keep creating better and more meaningful content!
Thank you!

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