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You make Aveea possible, for those who are curious in finding out what an Astrophysicist does, to those deciding that they are now destined to colonise Europa.

You'll get access to the patron-only activity feed with regular updates on what we're doing in the studio.

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We'll also hold a poll every week or so on what our next video or article should be, so if you're Zoologist and just cannot wait for this release, maybe this tier is for you.




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Aveea is all about STEM, and before you ask, please don't ask us where we came up with the name Aveea, we are still figuring that out!

At Patreon we're asking for help to make our animations animations better - offering our patrons some great content in return. We have a lot in store, things like secret videos, photos and articles, and the best of course is behind the scenes, how we go about making our videos, and really why we need a jug of coffee just to be able to do what we do.

But, it's more that just videos at Aveea, we have a huge online platform, all the articles we write. Understanding why Architects are just as important as Civil Engineers, and how Doctors can perform surgery from hundreds of miles away from their patients. We hold great events monthly, a huge Q&A session with our authors, video editors, engineers, marketers, the whole team - we want to hear your thoughts.

Funds raised here on Patreon will be used to create more animations, more subjects, right across the board. A lot of us pretty much know what a Dentist does, but what about Forestry Engineers, please don't say 'something to do with the forest'. Let's show some respect to the ones who make sure we have a diverse range of wildlife for the future Earth.

There's a huge world out there and Aveea is looking at each chunk of it, one step at a time.

Regardless of whether you can contribute, the Aveea platform is free for all and will always remain this way. All we want is for you to keep watching and tell your friends how good we are - that goes a long way. (oh and for those whose main currency isnt USD i.e. our UK friends, it's best to use PayPal, no major bank charges!)
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Enough with 2-4 videos a month, we'll push for 4-6 videos a month. It only makes sense to bring more staff on board to be able to show the world what STEM is all about! 
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