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Lv. 1 - New Adventurer
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Fed up with your life at the farm, you set off to begin your adventure to the nearest town. All you have on you are your dirty clothes, 3 rations, a bed roll, a stick and a book.

The titles of said books are: 

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Lv. 5 - Warrior
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Your quests have taken you throughout the lands close to the stating town, and have brought with them material rewards as well as fighting experience! You know your way around a sword and shield and have seen a fair number of bandits and beats. Never the one to settle for "good enough", you also bought some scrolls that give you unusual abilities:

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Lv. 10 - Veteran
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You have traveled far and wide through the continent, and have gained the respect and admiration of the people you encountered. And it seems your reputation precedes you! You sometimes get recognized in towns and receive quests from nobles and local barons. As respect for your work and combat abilities, users of the "exotic arts" show you the ins and outs of some of their techniques:


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Dear friends,

Welcome to Average Adventurers, Timisoara-based D&D adventuring league! Here we'll celebrate and backdate the amazing encounters and stories of our groups of adventurers, our thrilling campaigns, and online role-playing content!
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With your help, we'll be able to sustain our community, and focus our efforts in creating quality content, both online and off-line, full time.
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