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About Average Christian Man

Welcome to Average Christian Man, where every week I publish a video answering one of life's most pressing questions about Christianity from the perspective of an average christian man. As an average Christian man I don't hold any kind of theological degree, attend a seminary, or work as a pastor; I'm just an average guy looking to give you the best answers I can to the questions you have. In my 3-5 minute videos, I'll answer questions from Christians, curious agnostics, and atheists alike. I'll always include links to anything I reference.

What makes ACM unique, is that each week the topic is chosen by entirely by you, the viewers! I won't be randomly drawing topics out of a hat, I'll be entirely reliant on your comments to determine the next video topic. I want to talk about what you want to talk about. So be sure to like, subscribe, and comment on what you would like to hear about next, and I'll be sure to give you "your average answer, from your Average Christian Man."