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Bee Hummingbird
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Thanks mate, I appreciate it!

- Throw down in my Discord server. 

I post a lot of doodles, practice stuff, and generally stupid 'extra content'. You're basically getting everything that comes into my head while I have my tablet out.

Includes Discord rewards
Tree Swallow
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Oh damn, thanks a ton.

- Throw down in my Discord server.

- Monthly Bird Pin

Every month, I'll have five bird species pins in my store, at least two of which will be new to that month. 

- Tier Pin

Starting at the Tree Swallow tier, all tiers will get a special pin exclusive to Patreon of the bird respective to your tier. You'll also get the pins for the lower tiers.

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American Crow
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Lemme smash bird is a bowerbird, not a crow.

- Throw down in my Discord server.

- Two Monthly Bird Pins

- Tier Pin

Includes Discord rewards




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About Aviivix

Heya. I'm Aviivix. If you're here, you probably know me from somewhere?

I'm some rando who hops from place to place as an artist, animator and crazy visionary bird enthusiast. I'm kinda here there and everywhere, but if you're crazy enough to want to support me and my future endeavors, that's what this place is for.

Some Things I do
  • Art? Yeah, I guess art is the best word to describe it.
  • Animation
  • Programming (With help from PG)
  • Pins, and more craft-type stuff in the future
  • Discord server management
  • YouTube? A little?
  • Mostly art and animation.
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Holy shit people actually donated?
This is really cool. Even just a bit of extra dosh a month helps my situation.
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