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You've been with me from the beginning! (It's still just the beginning!) Maybe you can't always make it out to a show, but you still want to pass on a little something to help. Thank you!! I'll take it! I'll do something important with it, and make something beautiful.

You will get: Access to Patreon-only performance videos, photos, and updates from the road
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Turning music from a side-gig to my main responsibility changes the game. Your generosity lets me soothe the Worrying Wanda in me, and focus on creating. That is invaluable. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

You will get: Access to Patreon-only performance videos, photos, and updates from the road




Welcome to my Patreon page! The monthly contributions you make here keep me making music (thank you!). And in return, I share an intimate peek into my life as a musician.

I like to think of this page as my kitchen table. Come, sit down, hang out for a while, and I’ll tell you all about my latest travels, the triumphs and the struggles, what I learned. I’ll share a song I’m working on, or a first glimpse at the pictures from my album cover photo shoot. It’s everything you’d get if you came over to my house for dinner—just, minus the food (technology has its limitations).

All my patrons get access to the same material, regardless of the level that they can contribute. I know you are here to support me and my music, and that you’re giving whatever makes sense to give. And for that I’m grateful, through and through. Every bit helps, whether it translates to a cup of coffee or a tank of gas or a month of rent at my storage unit.

I give everything I can to this music. That wouldn’t be possible without your support. The contributions from my patrons buoy me through the uncertain seas of the music industry. You help me bring my attention back to the practice and craft that I love—writing, learning, performing. And with your help, I can approach the business side—booking, promoting—from a place of empowerment, rather than desperation.

The truth is—no one is guaranteed to “make it” (whatever that means), no matter how massive their talent, or how industrious their work ethic. I have no idea how this is all going to work out for me. All I know is that this is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never worked harder, and I’ve never believed more in what I was doing. I just want to be able to keep doing it, as long as I can.

Thank you thank you thank you, dear patron, for being a part of this with me.


A little about me:
In May of 2017 I quit my office job, gave up my house, built a bed in the back of my minivan, and hit the road. Until that point, I’d done just about everything I could to avoid playing music—school, more school, working for the county, working in tech—primarily due to a stubborn and early-formed belief that music was for Capital M Musicians, and, as much as I might love playing music, I was no Musician.

And then, a happy confluence of disasters (romantic, political, historical, paradigmatic) left me fairly undone, but with a sudden cache of songs that I didn’t hate. I decided to quit my job simply because I couldn’t do what I was doing any longer—treading water morally, watching my life go by, waiting for someone to change it for me.

In the midst of that unravelling, a small miracle happened. Music, suddenly, opened to me. In the words of Joseph Campbell, doors opened where I would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else. I’ve recorded my journey here, in posts and videos and photographs, as I learn the terrain of music (the art and the industry) as a latecomer.

In other words, I’m a singer-songwriter, born and raised and based in the Bay Area. Classically trained upright bassist, collegiate-acappella-trained vocalist (sorry, it’s true). I write songs about heartbreak, romantic and otherwise, because it pieces mine back together. Aside from my own project, I also freelance bass, and travel a fair amount doing that with folks like John Craigie, Kit Center and the Hollow Bones, and Josiah Johnson. I released my debut album, Lovesick, in July 2019, on Oakland’s The Long Road Society record label.

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