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Welcome friends! This is my Patreon Page and it is very new; just like my Youtube channel!

I had planned originally to begin creating videos in January, but my first video (posted below in lieu of a proper introductory video, as much as anything as you can see how I have improved as you will likely only find your way here from newer stuff) took a month longer than expected; mostly due to my lack of ability, so my first video was not uploaded until February 1st!

After much practice (60+ videos at the time of writing this on April 19th 2019) I have become somewhat adept with the basic video editing features of Hitfilm Express which I cannot say enough good things about and I am producing videos at a minimum of 5 per week.

I was inspired initially to create FM19 videos due to the other content creators out there; I really enjoy watching this type of content and it turns out that I am having an absolute blast creating it too; not just the filming and the playing but I REALLY enjoy the editing element.

I currently have my 'flagship' series, The Two Manager Project which, as a first video set, in many ways is quite ambitious; not just because it is using a modification allowing me to start in the Tier 9 of English Football but also that I was playing as 'two managers' both with different approaches to the game. I also set 'lofty' targets for how the series would be completed and decided on how I wanted my format to be, without considering just how many episodes it would take to achieve said goals, or indeed the amount to play time! There are 40+ videos in that show so far and we are currently into the 5th season and it's still some ways away from the top flight. I genuinely believe that it will 'become' more attractive to watchers once we hit the top flight, but I absolutely adore the story I am creating and being a part of it. As I have developed the show and made tweaks here and there, I decided to create a second show called Extra!, that just covered in depth stuff for the main project. Gave me an opportunity to practice making my 'intro' bits too, which I really enjoy and will be doing how-to videos about in the future as well as allowing me more freedom to ramble ;) I also have a second FM show for Oldham Athletic, which generally I only air once per week but I also started a play through of Hard West (only one episode online at the moment, but episode 2 is coming, just got to work through the 2 hours of me failing the second mission ;)) and I am soon to upload 'A Killer is Dead' which I have filmed a couple of episodes of.

To give you a little background into the person behind the channel; I am quite introverted and I initially had a certain amount of 'nerves' just recording the videos, let alone the idea of posting them online and though I have at this point, not had a massive number of views (I am new of course and these things take time to build) just the process of making the videos and watching them back / editing them has improved my self confidence no end - even to the point of me actually appearing in one or two videos (with more planned) which is something I had dismissed before I started. I am also very happy of the level of commitment I have to this; I have only been doing this since February but already I have a number of things planned ready for next year so I have no doubt that this train will keep rolling :)

I am going to leave it here for now, but I intend to add to this and refine it as my 'content creating' continues. Oh, did I mention that I am working on a blog too? Yes, it's Football Manager - I love it, but I do love other things too and as I move forward, I know I will be adding and trying other things too. I have more ideas than time and I love it! :)

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