Andi Wamboldt

is creating illustrations, character designs and a visual novel

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- Access to all Patreon-exclusive, finished illustrations

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Keen Kinkajous
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All $1 rewards [exclusive finished illustrations, and early access to Twitter pieces], PLUS:

- Works-in-progress

- Concept sketches and abandoned pieces

- Tutorials & tips

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Brilliant Binturongs
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Hello, and thanks for dropping by!

I'm Andi, illustrator & character designer whose favorite subjects include animals, fantasy, and just about anything heartwarmingly cute! Although I do freelance and commissions by day, sometimes that alone isn't quite enough to keep me consistently housed and fed. With this Patreon, you can help me achieve that and in turn gain acess to a ton of exclusive art, tips, processes and other goodies that won't be shared anywhere else! These include:

  • Both conceptual sketches and finished, colored illustrations exclusive to this Patreon, never before shown elsewhere
  • Works-in-progress and looks at the process of pieces and projects to come, both public and exclusive
  • Personalized monthly commissions of any character of your choice
  • Tips, tutorials and process videos
  • Polls to determine future content
With your support, I'll be able to create content both more effectively and frequently. Check out the tiers and rewards for more details!
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