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About Awesome Robo

Hello readers! We've been running Awesome-Robo for a few years now out of nothing but passion and a joy of bringing inspiration to our readers through indie art, music, animation and more. When I first started the project in 2009, Awesome-Robo's humble beginnings were as a place to collect inspiration while I worked my game industry job as a concept artist. Over time it became a collective project, with multiple editors each bringing their distinct flavor to the blog. To date we've written over 6,200 articles.

Over the years we've provided countless artists, both new and established with exposure across multiple mediums to help them spread their work. From animated shorts by incredibly talented students, incredibly creative music videos, amazing artwork, behind the scenes for movies to insane Lego creations, we've made it our goal to showcase them on AwesomeRobo.

While income has typically been our second focus throughout the course of this entire project, we've come to realize that to do this full time it's something that we need to take into consideration in order to grow. Ads are no longer a viable source of income, and we refuse to make it so they become a distraction from the content.

What goals would a simple $1 a month help us reach over time for AwesomeRobo?

  • Awesome-Robo 3.0 - Redesigning our website, adding new features and paying for hosting costs.
  • Get rid of our ads altogether for a cleaner website.
  • Forums - Forums to encourage creative discussion in theme with our content and get our readers involved in contributing content.
  • More services, including a print delivery service in collaboration with artists we feature, as well as more apparel with some really cool artists we have in mind.
  • More video content, as well as covering the cost of equipment.
  • Costs of equipment and travel for going to Conventions and covering them for our readers.
$0 of $100 per month
At $100 a month, we'll be able to host some nice forums geared towards creative discussion and sharing content. With an emphasis on animation, music and art we hope to create an intimate space for illustrators, animators and musicians to share their work first hand with our audience before it goes on the website.
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