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About Emelie Samuelson

Hello, patreons!!


Thank you so much for joining this awkward community. My ultimate goal with what I do is to spread joy. I believe in the power of comedy to do good in the world, because laughter is powerful and all of the things that have ever made me think or feel inspired are the things that have made me laugh.

I also believe that comedy makes us feel less alone. My stories are here to remind you all that we are idiots and that's a good thing. I make a fool of myself every day, but I am also happier than I've ever been since accepting that fact, and I want you to be that happy too.

Comedy cannot change the world alone, however, which is also why 10% of everything I earn goes straight to charity, and I never make that decision alone. By joining this community of awkward nerds and goofballs, you get to weigh in on where that 10% goes. 

In fact, just for kicks, let's talk about where all of the money that I make here goes. I've made this handy pie chart:

Charity: Pretty self-explanatory. We give back.
Patreon Fees: Patreon takes a cut of everything I earn, which is totally fair. They deserve it. 
Advertising: I try and set aside 10% of everything I make to spend on advertising - this could be promoting posts on social media or actually buying ad space on other blogs to try and grow the community. 
Web Hosting Fees: Obviously, as a percentage, this will change depending on how much I'm making every month, but the graph will be updated as needed. 
Overhead: This is basically all those little fees that I forget to include every month, but stuff like yarn for the critters that I make for the Awkwardly Audacious folks, any computer repairs, etc. I try and save 10% every month for those unexpected and random costs.
Profit: It's what I keep so that I can pay my bills and buy things like food and whatnot. 

Still here and curious about who I am and what I do? Cool, here's a tad more info:
I'm a humor blogger/writer in my twenties, and I'm just trying my best. I spend my days reading, writing, and selling books, playing games, and snuggling with dogs, which is great. I do work in an independent bookshop, which keeps me fed, but when I'm not there I'm at home, at my desk, making words happen. If I could support myself even just a little bit with the words I write, I could spend more time making those words happen and less time stressing about bills and whatnot. 
Once again, thank you. Now let's all go be idiots together.

Visit my blog to read the stories: www.awkwardlyaliveandpleasantlypeculiar.com
$54 of $1,000 per month
I'm thankful for any amount of money I can make as a writer, but this amount would allow me to comfortably consider working less at my day job and working more on my writing. 
Where this money goes:
$18 a year goes toward registering my blog's domain with Wordpress. 
$6 a month goes to LaughingSquid, my web host. 
10% of everything I make goes to a charity of our collective choosing.
10% of everything I make goes toward marketing the blog. 
The rest covers my overhead, helps to keep the electricity bill paid so that I can keep typing away, and keeps me caffeinated so that I can remain clever and ridiculous at all hours of the day. 
Thank you again. You have no idea how much your contribution means to me. 
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