Alexander Windner Lieberman

is creating performance art, immersive dance theatre, film and photography.
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About Alexander Windner Lieberman

As an improvisational collaborative artist, I see the social interface of public performance as both an intuitive playground and an essential laboratory for my work. Working in tandem with a group of inspired individuals fortifies my belief in collaboration and motivates me to realize my artistic potential. Time spent creating alone is confined to a single path. Creating together forges the willpower to explore every possibility.

Incorporating fellow artists', as well as the general public’s, feedback and participation throughout the inception and development of new work allows me to explore ideas that I would have overlooked on my own. These vigilant outside perspectives increase clarity of communication and provide an opportunity for community involvement.

Collaboration with artists across media through experimental sessions that include live music, interactive projection, non-traditional performance arts, programming and video content encourages the flow of creative insight.

Attention to detail is inherent in my work. Every moment in performance is a statement and I insist on distilling them into tangible declarations.

Occurring exclusively in immersive settings, my work places the action within the audience to encourage active viewing and participation. By confronting issues and affording the viewers a chance to choose sides, I craft experiences that break down the fourth wall.
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