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About Axom

About Axom
Hello Guys, Welcome at Axom. A short bio: Axom once was managed only from one Person but recently we are a group of 4 people. Creating Professional and Modern Gaming News with Nintendo in focus since 2017 on our Youtube Channel ( which has now around 45 K Subscribers.
It's always have been our dream to interact in one or in another way with the gaming Industry and even more with Nintendo, where we are very passionate around.

Our Key Focus
To bring the best content in the most Professional way home to you almost each day.
We have big plans for the Channel, it has not to do just with the Youtube channel, we are thinking about to create even an Entire Website related to Nintendo news and much more which will be in a direct connection with the channel.
"My Dream (the Og's one ) since i was almost a kid is to develop a game on a Nintendo Platform."
The Idea to create an Brand which will shine with it's community and Professional Approach is our Key Focus.

Why we need your Support.
As you now guys to put quality before quantity we need time, and for that we need our financial freedom. In that way we could realize our future plans without financial / time restrictions that we have know duo working on another jobs etc. Your support will be definitely very appreciated and also acknowledged.

The New Stuff ?
First of all we have many ideas that we want to incorporate on the Channel at the first place like:
Unboxing Videos,
Each Week an Voice over Episode about Nintendo Topics, 
Gameplay Sessions On live streams in weekends with our Community
(We are searching for an member who will do the Voice Over Episodes)
we'll consider our Communities ideas for future content for sure.
and much more to come.

Creating and Familiar Community
We Will try create and amazing Gaming Community where we can interact with each other, share info's news, jokes and much more in few words a Community where we all can enjoy ourselves and relax a bit from our daily life.

We thank our current supporters of the channel and all the people who supported us from the beginning, but now it's time for the next chapter let's Make Axom and the Axom Community one of the best out there with your help Guys.
Sincerely your Axom Team. 

0 of 150 patrons
When we reach 250 patrons, we will Publish at least One Video Per Day, and we will start with Gaming Live Streams on Weekends with our Community.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post