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If you are reading this, there's a good chance you've already watched one of our videos. If that is the case, THANK YOU! If not, before you keep reading, go to our Youtube page and WATCH! 

Our content is unique and unlike the stereotypical plus size, beauty, or fashion vlogger: our content is as authentic and REAL as it gets. While the Youtube business model works to pay content creators based on ad revenue, the Youtube Search algorithm is not designed to promote the creation of new and exciting content. Don't believe us? Try it yourself. 

Search for plus size fashion or plus size haul and see the results. Yeah, you may get the latest uploads from the well known vloggers, but you won't find our content [or that of other new creators] until you scroll down multiple pages. And ask yourself, honestly, how is a year old Glitter and Lazers or SometimesGlam video more relevant than fresh, unique content pertinent to TODAY? Considering how fast paced and ever changing the worlds of fashion and beauty are, how does that make any sense? This doesn't just affect us, it affects dozens if not hundreds of content creators.

And that's the point of this Patreon, the only way that we will break the glass ceiling and create a mass cultural shift and CHANGE on Youtube, is to develop more and more content and create our own relevancy. The only way Youtube will be injected with revolutionary content that is honest and from the heart is to not knock the door, but out right break in. Our goal isn't just our success, but that Youtube as a whole sees a change in which like minded and genuine people are at the forefront of content creation.

We have recently started, along side our traditional content, a weight loss and fitness vlog. This is an on going project that will upload content almost daily in addition to our passion and artistic content. By supporting us, you are insuring that we can focus on both our fitness goals and our creative ambitions. That means more videos, more vlogs, more HAULS, more experiences, more songs, MORE GIVEAWAYS!

Our content will ALWAYS be what it is now. We won't sell out. We won't give in. We won't change. You look at every aspect of our channel: the way we reply to comments, the lack of editing and filtering, the REAL winners of our giveaways, and you will see, if there is ONE channel to support on Youtube, it is ours.

As always, best wishes, love always, 
Alex and Danni
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