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Sometimes when I am wandering around my city, I make eye contact with a random stranger. The souls greet, and we offer each other a smile before parting our own way :)
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Come to drink some tea with me, I play you a Vietnamese traditional song (Co la) on my instrument (dan tranh). And we watch sunset veiling over the Dolomites.
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See that star always pointing North? 

Take a deep breath,


and she takes over your heart with grace..

*(note: this is legit my haiku, i write it on spot, i swear)*




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Hi, I am a game theorist(*). I have an old blog at: . I respect the privacy level that you require in order to become a patron.

Have my promise, and have faith in game theory.

(*) i also love karate, yoga, meditation, singing, playing a traditional string instrument.. my angle comes from depression and lots and lots of energetically therapeutic work.

Full overview

I would like to write about the structure of my page and its spirit. Basically how it works, what you can expect from me, and how excited I am to have you and to have game theory. You do not have to read this in one sitting. You can read as much as you want, then go about your day and come back when you feel like. I intend for this journey to be long and meaningful because I spend my time and energy into it. I hope you do your part of the bargain: enjoy reading it :)

The spirit

I believe that when you read me this far, there is a part of you calling and something I can answer or deliver. I would tell the story of game theory, a mathematical discipline, specifically applied to social conflicts. I study game theory in university and I am still doing research on it. You can check out my blog for brief information but actually it is not necessary. I intend for this Patreon page to be self contained, to be magical and would deliver my promise :)

How does this page work?

Frankly, Patreon is a platform for artists (me) to create and to get paid. If you become a patron, you agree to send some money to the creator (me). It can be as low as $1. You can totally say no and just browse my free stuff. You can change your mind anytime. You can also set maximum of how much to pay in a month etc. That is briefly how Patreon works.

Technically how? You can click the button "Become a patron" on top of the page. Or, when you see the right side of the page, there would be a column that you can choose to "Get $1 rewards" "Get $5 rewards" etc that is the amount you agree to send. I repeat that you can totally say no. After you choose, you can pay with credit card or Paypal. I prefer Paypal, it is convenient and safe. I am thinking of charging per creation because currently i feel it convenient. It would take about 5 articles on each chapter. And I estimate to have about 5 chapters.

Even if you do not become a patron, it would make me happy if you stick around to read the public posts, talk to other patrons, or drop me a line:

Email: [email protected]
I currently base in Trento, Italy.

Privacy note

I am super proud and want to share your support everywhere to show my gratitude. For example, with my Facebook friends, with my Twitter friends, with this Patreon community (in the post Hall of Fame). However, I understand that you can be legitimately conscious about privacy, therefore, if you would like to be an anonymous patron, it is completely fine and I would not brag about your support to anyone but you :) You can explicitly tell me your level of preferred privacy concern or I would ask you before wanting to share something. Lastly, If in a moment of excitement, I forget to ask and mention you on a post that you feel uncomfortable, please tell me and I take it down immediately.

Table of content

This part has grown to be too long, I cut it to make a new public post:

May von Neumann bless you,
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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