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About Ayriel Branford

Hello everyone! I was very active at this Patreon account some time ago, but i left it for personal reasons. I will be explaining this below :)

What's an "Ayriel"?

Ayriel is a Mexican cosplayer who wore a wig for the first time in 2007, felt extremely excited about it and continues doing it non-stop since then :D !
Like everyone, i started putting up some "cosplay" from my closet. Since then I've learnt about sewing, crafts, beading, wig styling, patterns, embroidery, fabric painting and dyeing... and still i want to learn a lot more! After almost 12 years of being in and out of the hobby because of my career, I want to make most of the dream costumes I've wanted since the beginning.
Even if I do cosplay mostly for fun and friends, I aim for doing my best and to keep improving with every costume :) 

Why Patreon?
I definitely don't want to make a living of this, I'm not expecting more money than the one I need for cosplay stuff.
Cosplay is really expensive: from fabrics and materials to traveling and props for photoshoots. Eventually it becomes a luxury and you just end up putting it aside. I don't want to ignore it anymore: I love this and I want to do a bit more about cosplay on my free time. 

Why was I away from Patreon?
Ok, here goes a personal one....
When I first created my Patreon profile, I was on a dark place. I was at grad college but unemployed, I felt useless but also spent too much time on my thesis work, which was great but I needed to breath! I didn't had enough money, I couldn't think about new hobbies. I got too stressed, I can even feel I lost half of my hair lol
I constantly tried to keep my mind busy. Sewing and crafts always help me relax, but I had nothing to work on, I couldn't buy materials or fabrics. One time, talking to one of my friends, he convinced me of receiving donations, which worked beautifully for some months... but then I GOT A JOB that I really like and felt like I didn't have the time to fulfill my patrons' expectations. Also I received a lot of new responsibilities at my job and I needed to concentrate on it until I got the hang of it, so I thanked everyone for being such lovely human beings and left to do my grown-up stuff (?).
A year has passed and I feel like I'm ready to do this again! This time the rewards will be different and a bit less demanding for me. I hope this works, and I'll do my best! <3

So... Should you give your money to me?
Don't take me wrong! Patreon will have unique info and posts that only my patrons can see, but I will keep on posting content on Facebook and Instagram. The difference is that here you'll get more, and before everyone else.
What do you win from this? Well, check the rewards! XD I like to talk, make stupid jokes, share a million pictures of my work in progress, convention photos, I love asking for your opinion and receiving feedback, so feel free to tell me whatever you think (btw, all the content on Patreon will be written in Spanish unless you ask for it to be in English :D)

100% complete
Starting from scratch! $50 will go directly to a new cosplay, still don't know which one :D 
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