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You will have access to photos of my sketchbook, my days, process of my draws and my diary. Im starting so I want everybody can see the same content. In the future, if I this goes on well, I will add more tiers I can send stickers and prints!
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You can download pdf's documents with some of my draws and notes of the process. Im really happy with this tier, I know you are going to love it!




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About Azabache Draws

Hi everyone! My name is Rosa and I am a spanish girl really interested in watercolors and oils, I am still lookinf for my own style. I've always loved painting but because of college I could not do it as much as a I wanted to. I want it to change and I can see I improoved a lot, finally I can what I really love. I hope you enjoy this comunity that I want to create here!
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when I reach 20 euros, I will buy a base for my camera so I can film better youtube videos. Also, I will start sending stikers of my collection to every 3$ patreon!!
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