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General show of support, for the price of a six-pack of ramen. Help me eat for a few days! You'll get official thanks, updates on stuff that's not so super-secret, and get to feel really cool about yourself. Which is the greatest gift of all, I should think.

Also: a sampler of all the kinds of junk I do, partially as a thank-you and partially to manipulate you into a higher subscription option.

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All of that nonsense I now tend to barf all over threaded social media posts instead of structuring into completed thoughts like a proper author? Barf no longer! Protect your feed! Here we have self-contained, semi-regular writing on topical or videogame-related issues. Some of this may be political, and if you're not a super lefty some of it may annoy you! If you are, then maybe I'm preaching to the choir. Who knows! But consider: all art is political. Would that not make this a political donation? 

You also get thanks. Because you're helping! That's the way it goes!

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At this level you get all the benefits of reading my tortured prose and observing the fruits of my own ocular impressions! That's right: it's like combining my left brain and my right brain into one econo-pack subscription. You get to imagine you're peering over my shoulder and breathing down my neck, all month! Does that excite you? It certainly elicits feelings in me. Let's see what happens!




Why, hello! My name is Azure. I'm a queer creator with a misfit neurology, just tryin' to make ends meet here. To varying extents, I write, draw, compose, design games, and whatever else happens to embroil me from moment to moment. Get me to a point where I'm able to think straight, and neat stuff may potentially happen!

Those with a long memory may recall me as an early voice in the alternative videogame writing scene. I think time has been kind to my ideas, if not my syntax. Those with a longer one still may recall my shareware games from the dial-up BBS days—or maybe some more recent hacks or indie stuff. I do my share of illustration and music composition, often in obsolete formats just because that's the way the cool people do it. And, I do fiction! Sometimes!

If you like my stuff—and hey, it has its moments—come on, help me survive! (Possibly, even thrive!) If I get enough of you weirdos on my side, this could get super interesting.

So, how's about it?
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New game! 

If in a given month I reach $300 in patronage, I shall produce and deliver an original computer game for the elite preview, testing, and benefit of my benefactors. Platform, framework, theme, and genre to be determined largely on whim. I've got plenty of those. 
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