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this is for those of you who appreciate the process and work that goes into the creation of art. Whether it's watching the piece develop through photos/video, or seeing the reference/inspiration that informs it, i'll be sharing that here!
-This tier allows you access to "Close Friends" instagram stories,
-as well as a link to the folder where i upload exclusive content for you to download or view 

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on top of all the unrestricted access that you get at the entry level, you'll also get a 4x6 postcard print mailed to you each month, with a hand-written thank you! I'll also be throwing in sketches randomly, so you might get lucky and snag some free original art as well!



About b2rianLS

I remember when i first learned about the renaissance, i was surprised to discover that all those masterpieces weren't made "just because," but that they were commissioned, conceived, or funded by the patrons.
Whether it was the Medici funding Michelangelo and DaVinci, or the WPA giving starving artists the means to make pieces that still adorn our nation, many great works would not exist without patronage. Sure, we've got that romantic idea of artists making art for art's sake, but that's just not a realistic way to make a living. Many artists have day jobs they slave away at for most of the day, and only make art when they have leftover time/energy. Some artists make ends meet by taking on commissions that they aren't passionate about, and therefore lose that "artistic fulfillment" that we all seek.
Patreon seems to be a wonderful platform for allowing artists to make the things what we WANT to make, while helping us get the funds we NEED at the end of the month. 

My plan is to use Patreon to allow unrestricted access to those who really care about the work behind my projects. Sharing my references, my tools, sketches/drafts, like never before!
i'll not only give patrons an exclusive look into my process, but also dibs on my daily sketches (before i make them available to anyone else), downloadable content that i won't post anywhere else (keep 'em on your phone, get them printed out at your local drugstore, make bootleg tshirts, it's up to you!) , a postcard of the month (mailed to you with a hand-written thank you). And of course there's going to be Original Art offered to higher-tiered Patrons, but also sketches that i'll be giving away at random!

So why am i doing this?
i've thought about doing this since maybe October 2016. In the time since, this just makes more and more sense due to a) instagram's algorithm making it harder and harder for artists to be seen. b) i love to share what i'm working on, but don't like boring those people who don't care. If folks subscribe to my Patreon, then i'll know that they are invested, and don't mind being flooded with more of my content. c) with less avenues of income available, i hope that this may help me pay a bill or two... or at least make it so i can afford to order cheese with my burger!

thanks for reading all that, and thanks in advance for your support! as always, please feel free to reach out if there's anything you'd like to see on this space, or if there's any way i can make this experience better for you. 
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Fifty bucks goes a long way. back when i was a kid, it got you a PS2 game that you'd play for years and years, hours at a time. today? it keeps the phone or the internet on for another month. if this reaches the point where you folks cover one of my bills, then i'll owe it to you to connect! perhaps a patron-only live hangout session, an additional item in your monthly mail club subscription, we'll see !
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