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Alrighty bucko, who are ya and what do you do?

Hiya! The name's Kevin! Nice to meet ya! I make YouTube videos and comics!
On my YouTube I make memes(?) and Animations! 
While over on Tumblr I make small comics for fun! I'm also working on a comic series called "The Background"! Feel free to check those out in the links below!! 

Twitter: @Background_Boy
YouTube: Background Boy Studios
Tumblr: The Background Boy
WebToon: The Background

Ok... so why exactly do you have a Patreon?

Well truth be told, I have this Patreon so I can get a bit of help saving up for university along with better tools to make things nicer and faster! I don't have a job yet and I would love to get some help affording university and tools, otherwise I'll have to sell my arm, leg, and lung in order to afford it all! I really like my lung so please help a background boy out!

Thank you for supporting me! Or if you're just following me, that's perfectly fine too! Thank you for even bothering to come by anyways!
See you guys later! Have a wonderful day!

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Don't got money but still want to help out? No problem! After all, ever dollar counts!
Includes Discord rewards
Weekly Sneak Peek
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You get a little screenshot of whatever project I'm working on!
This range from a comic, an animation, or a let's play!
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Rough Drafts
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You'll get sketches of animations and comics before they're put through edititing and finalization!
Plus screenshots of the current project at hand!
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Early Bird
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You get all of the previously mentioned rewards, PLUS access to animatics of animations, access to comics before they're posted, and a special Background Boy Supporter sticker sheet!
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