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is creating Astrophotography, Flat Earth Debunk videos, etc
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Level 2 Patreons will get their Youtube channel name put up at the end of everyone of my videos, and have the chance to vote on the next video that I create! I will give 3 video topics to choose from  and which ever one receives the most votes will be the video that I will make! 
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Level 3 Patreons will get their Youtube channel name put up at the end of every one of my videos! They will also have the chance to vote on new videos that I will be making. I will give you a choice of 3 video topics and which ever one receives the most votes will be the video that I will make! For an EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU I will personally make you a custom wooden plaque for becoming a level 3 Patreon! The plaque will be burnt with a wood burning tool with a custom message! I will then ship the plaque to you at no extra cost to show my gratitude for your most generous pledge! You are truly an AWESOME human being! THANK YOU!!!




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About Backyard Astronomy

Hello guys. First off I want to Thank You for stopping by and viewing my Patreon. Ok, about me, I am 28 years old. I am a married man. I run a Youtube channel called Backyard Astronomy. On my channel I create content of the countless hours that I spend in my very very dark backyard doing Astrophotography! Astrophotography is my passion. I love doing it and I love sharing it with you guys! I also make videos debunking Flat Earth! I really want to say Thank You so much if you decide to support me! Your support would greatly improve the quality of my videos because I could buy better equipment be it new Telescopes, Cameras etc. I do not currently have a camera that records video so I am not able to post video footage of myself at this time. I apologize. I am working towards trying to get one and any and all support of any amount will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Even if you do not support me or cannot I understand and I really appreciate you stopping by and I would be more than happy to converse with you and maybe answer any questions that you might have!  I hope that you have a Great day and hope to see you again very soon! Be sure to post any questions or concerns that you may have and I will answer them to the best of my ability! Thank you guys so much.
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$25/month is my first goal to try to reach. If I am able to reach this goal it will show me that you guys enjoy my content and I want to say thank you so much for ANY support you are kind enough to give!
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