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About badassgamez

Who is badassgamez?
badassgamez is my YouTube channel and I've been making video game walkthrough videos since 2009. These videos are actual walkthroughs, as opposed to other videos claiming to be walkthroughs but end up being blind let's plays. I write a walkthrough for a game/level/section. Then I record myself following the walkthrough, usually giving live commentary, sharing lessons learned and provide these videos to the public. Challenges are sometimes included in walkthroughs such as no voluntary healing, no use of specific weapons, no saving, no damage, and so on.  I use a calm persona and along the way I seem to find myself in some interesting situations for good or for bad, but definitely for your entertainment.

Why should I support badassgamez?
Because you love my videos and I love making them! You receive rewards based on the amount you are willing to pledge. With just a little bit of support from people like you, I'll be able to focus on making and providing videos with the support I receive. You will also give me that fuzzy feeling of knowing my work is worth something to you which fosters inspiration and new ideas.

Are there other ways to help a badassgamez?
If you don't feel like Patreon is your thing, you can always donate any amount with paypal. I'm also partnered with Twitch and you can subscribe to my channel there. You can also check out my steam wishlist for games that I could potentially stream or make walkthroughs for. If dropping money isn't your thing either, you can also disable your ad-blocker on YouTube. That might be too much for some, so you can still help by liking, favoriting and sharing my videos, and you could tweet about me on Twitter or mention me to others on Facebook. Basically, just spread the word about badassgamez. Any type of help is appreciated!

Okay, I will help a badassgamez!
Excellent! Your support will go a long way. I would like to thank you on behalf of my fans as well as myself. You are also helping to provide fun, entertaining, and thorough walkthrough videos to others. You never know who's day you might make!

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