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About Bad Carrot Studios

Hey Internets! My name is Brittany (I also function under the name “ Bad Carrot Studios”) and I split my time doing freelance art, voice acting, acting, and finding a way to make rent. (That last part is the tricky bit) Sometimes, I even moonlight as a special effects makeup assistant to Jack Monkey FX.
Mostly I draw; everything on anything I can find. Yes, napkins included. But not toilet paper. Doesn’t have the tensile strength.

What do you get?

Sketch doodles, Discord, and finished projects are always FREE for everyone.  As a patron you'll get first look at new items for the Etsy shop, behind-the-scenes and fun pictures updating you on daily strife life, concepts and conceptual designs, progress images of various projects, Voice over projects and demos, video content, and even eligibility to giveaways of original artwork! 

Sketch Doodles

I’ve been drawing since grade school and still have many class notes that fell victim to my urges to make Godzilla stomp a non-descript city through notations of Contemporary Art History. I’ve been posting drawings and doodles to social media since 2003 and work in pencil, pen, and digital media mostly.

Comics, Illustration, and Conceptual Design
Having graduated from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in 2008, I worked on the webcomic for about 4 years until the spring of 2014 when my contract ended. Since then, I’ve been doing freelance illustrations and short comics (or some fevered dream that banged around my head until it came screaming out at 3am, writhing in coffee and regret) and commissions of varying complexity.

Crafty Bits and Bobs
Sewing, Sculpting, and crafting random functional objects is also something I do (ya know, in the copious amount of spare time that I have). So that will no doubt also make an appearance here too! ;P

A fun way to interact with patrons is a vLog update! Got a question? Ask away! Are you a super-awesome patron and donated enough for me to afford groceries this week? I will thank you personally, loudly, and possibly with a snot-faced teary soliloquy from sheer gratitude.

Seriously, thank you for even reading this far! The fact that you’re even here, on Patreon, means you’re willing to help support artists and creators and that automatically makes you super-awesome in my book.
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